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One of the web’s great ironies is Google. They preach speed is important. They claim to reward website performance optimization. Yet, few things slow the web more than Google products and services. Their advice is often contradictory about speed. One department says to do something one way and the other will say the reverse. For example, the Analytics guys at Google say to put your metrics code in the page header. The performance people at Google say put it in the page footer to keep your site fast loading.

The metrics engineers believe the impossible. Odd. Can a person hit the back button faster than the page footer loads? That hit wouldn’t count as a visit or a bounce. Really? You’ve got to be kidding? Do we care? No. Have they lost their right minds? Slowing down a website takes precedence over the remote chance of a false count. Big data on the brain.

Pretty ridiculous. But typical of the conflicting information Google spews.

So what are the alternatives to Google services and web assets?

That is what this collection of PagePipe information addresses. We show you how to keep your site fast by avoiding using the slow stuff Google makes or encourages.

The GOOGLE.ME ebook examines faster, free alternatives to Google products and services. Get mobile WordPress speed!

What are Speed Alternatives?
Speed alternatives are ebook-only guides to essential page-speed fundamentals, speed techniques, or deep obsessions on a single aspect of WordPress plugins and themes. Whatever the report, you’re only a quick read away from learning vital, practical know-how for faster mobile speed. Popular plugins and themes are usually the heaviest loading. You get alternatives for better speed.

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In this collection,

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) don’t help speed. Google says articles served from its Internet network are four times faster than everybody else. Amazing. But developers disagree. “Designing in” origin-optimization gives the same – or even better results. It appears Google has a hidden agenda not-so-related to speed.

Captcha security precautions add 500-milliseconds to every page and post of your website. There are lighter low-tech alternatives. Yeah. “I’m not a robot” costs you 25-percent of your performance budget. Learn some fast workarounds and alternatives in this section.

Google hedges about speed policies like Core Web Vitals. Not every ivory-tower speed criteria Google preaches makes a real-world difference. You can spend a lot of time and money chasing these vanity metrics trying to improve SEO. No data or articles confirm there’s any SEO benefit from these new signals. Read about it in this section. User experience matters most. The thing mobile users hate more than anything is a slow-loading page.

Google fonts are on half of the top 1-million websites. Does that mean they’re good for speed? No. They’re not. Extra font baggage causes about 300 milliseconds of global site drag. That is when every page and post of your site slows down from a heavy web asset. Are web fonts an asset or a speed liability? In this section, you’ll find Google Font speed alternatives.

Here’s the best way to manage Google Maps. Don’t load down your site by an extra 2-seconds on mobile devices.

We give you the backstory on how Google got into the speed business and what’s their hidden agenda. In this section, we bash Google’s weird speed policies and practices.

From our experience, learn the truth about how speed affects SEO in the real world. We share what’s more important for SEO than speed. And we sell speed services. The truth will surprise you.

Why green speed scores — and big-fat A’s — or 90 of 100 — don’t matter as Google entices you to stress over. Find out what matters more than silly scores. And, why we never use Google PageSpeed Test to check websites. Ever.

Google started a fad. A fad that often wastes time, money, and speed. That’s right: the revolutionary new Google-webP image format. WebP only improves images page weight by 10 percent and speed by zero. Here’s the hard-to-believe story in this section


You can load YouTube videos 500-milliseconds faster. That is half the performance budget. Read about this easy-win in this section.

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Steve Teare
Steve Teare, Performance Engineer

Steve Teare researches WordPress plugin and theme speed techniques and methods. Steve’s most valued super-power is creativity.

Site owners need education. Not how to make nice-looking sites. But how not to abuse and ruin WordPress – and thus the Internet itself. Steve’s mission: save the Internet from the approaching WordPress Apocalypse!

Steve’s passion is balancing the perception of speed with color and images. Building for speed stops mobile website abuse. Performance is not just an afterthought, bake it in from the start.

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