Prevent a Self-Destructing Media Library

Honest and common-sense alternatives to an overloaded WordPress media library.

One of the web’s great ironies is Google. They preach speed is important. They claim to reward website performance optimization. Yet, few things slow the web more than Google products and services. Their advice is often contradictory about speed.

This is a sad day for page speed. All our tests show that WebP bloats the media library (uploads folder) on the server. And there is no speed benefit from WebP from actual testing. A web myth. Smaller files loaded in parallel do not always equate to fast pages. Incredible sales job by Google’s PR people. That right. Google employees are serving full-time on the WordPress committee making conflict-of-interest decisions. Who claims to have invented WebP image format? Google.

You know the pitfalls of Google’s WebP image format for slower speed and increased cost. But now the incredible happened amidst loud protests.

Google employee’s working on the WordPress core committee convinced WordPress to make WebP the default image format. All JPEGs you upload are converted to WebP.

When is this media-library disaster scheduled?

It’s a done deal. It happens in version 6.1 of core. Soon you’ll lose control of your media library.

So what? Who cares?

The downside: this silly change bloats your server. For many sites, you can’t restore backups — or migrate your site when it gets too fat. Believe us, this non-feature is a site killer. It’s not easy to correct. Sad people pay us to fix the mess.

We’re sharing our secrets. Learn about the free plugin defeating the new WebP default. Did you already accidentally pollute the server “uploads” folder with WebP? Get the power to repair your bloated media library. Eliminate old WebP images on the server with free plugins. Read about it in our new ebook, MEDIA.BALLOON by PagePipe staff.

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The MEDIA.BALLOON ebook examines faster, free alternatives to Google products and services. Get mobile WordPress speed!

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In this collection,

  • How WebP kills your WordPress media library.
  • Efficient plugin strategies for optimizing images.
  • Fixing an impossible 1-million-image speed-killing
    media library.
  • Stop WebP uploads with a free plugin.
  • Clean your server of residual WebP bloat.

About the Author

Steve Teare
Steve Teare, Performance Engineer

Steve Teare researches WordPress plugin and theme speed techniques and methods. Steve’s most valued super-power is creativity.

Site owners need education. Not how to make nice-looking sites. But how not to abuse and ruin WordPress – and thus the Internet itself. Steve’s mission: save the Internet from the approaching WordPress Apocalypse!

Steve’s passion is balancing the perception of speed with color and images. Building for speed stops mobile website abuse. Performance is not just an afterthought, bake it in from the start.

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