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BUNDLE.ME All 8 speed reports + 4 bonus issues: #6, #8, #9, and #11.
  BUNDLE.ME All 8 speed reports + 4 bonus issues: #6, #8, #9, and #11.

BLOCK.ME – Speed Clone, Issue #6.
Replace Akismet plugin. Save $60 annual rent and 8 milliseconds global speed. $995

SIGN.ME– Speed Clone, Issue #8.
Replace OptinMonster plugin. Save $348 annual rent and 384 milliseconds global speed. $995

GREET.ME– Speed Clone, Issue #9.
Replace Hello Bar plugin. Save $600 annual rent. $995

SELECT.ME– Speed Clone, Issue #11.
Replace Gonzales plugin. Save $29 annual rent. $995



(List Price: $139.40)

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Speed Clone ebooks contain:

  • Plugin recommendations saving speed and money.
  • Research discoveries about specific alternative free plugins.
  • Learn fast methods and criteria for better plugin decisions.
  • No time-consuming exploration of the 55,000+ WordPress plugin directory.
  • Avoid the learning curve and gain valuable experience and skill fast.
  • One-time cost. No future payments.
  • Premium plugins have an annual *rental* fee. Don’t get locked in for recurring annual-renewal plugins. Save your money.

About the Author

Steve Teare
Steve Teare, Performance Engineer

Steve Teare researches WordPress plugin speed techniques and methods. Steve’s most valued super-power is creativity.

Site owners need education. Not how to make nice-looking sites. But how not to abuse and ruin WordPress – and thus the Internet itself. Steve’s mission: save the Internet from the approaching WordPress Apocalypse!

Steve’s passion is balancing the perception of speed with color and images. Building for speed stops mobile website abuse. Performance is not just an afterthought, bake it in from the start.


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We reverse-engineer premium and popular plugins. We discover ways to duplicate their main features. We use a blend of discrete, free, copycat plugins. These lightweight – sometimes esoteric – clones won’t slow down your website.
Get speed tips and instructions. You’re buying our knowledge and expertise. Links to plugins are included for your convenience and backup. All open-source plugin downloads are the property of their original authors and protected by GPL licenses. They are endorsed and available from the WordPress plugin directory. We don’t provide the free plugins or support. But we do answer email speed questions for 30 days after purchase.


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